As much as we would like to avoid them, car accidents are somewhat inevitable. They can happen in a flash of a second no matter how careful you are. The effects of the crash can be devastating and you may require emergency healthcare or long-term medical care, depending on the extent of your injuries.

Sometimes you may come out of a crash unscathed. But this doesn’t mean you are safe. Some car accidents usually cause internal injuries. You may seem unharmed and healthy only to develop complications in the future. That is why doctors recommend proper screening to all accident victims to help detect any internal injuries.

Delayed pain after a car accident will not only affect your health but also have an impact on your compensation amount. The good news is that an experienced personal injury attorney can help you claim fair compensation after delayed injuries.

Why Proper Screening After a Car Accident Is Important

You may be lucky enough to come out of a crash unharmed. However, it is important to go for a complete medical checkup to rule out any internal injuries. The doctor will examine you for visible and internal injuries before giving you a clean bill of health. If you have any injuries, you can be sure that they will be attended to accordingly. 

The medical report obtained from the checkup will also ensure that you receive fair compensation that covers all your medical expenses, damages, pain, suffering, and loss of wages.

Reasons Why Delayed Pain After a Car Crash Can Be Serious

Psychological trauma

Psychological trauma takes time to manifest, and you might not notice it during the first few months after the accident. Eventually, the impact of emotional stress caused by the accident can be devastating to the victims. You may experience symptoms such as depression, anxiety, compulsive behavior, and PTSD. All these symptoms will ultimately affect your quality of life.

Lesser compensation

Some people feel perfectly fine after an accident hence they don’t bother to follow up on their rightful compensation for the injuries incurred. Delayed pain can cause you to lose lots of money in compensation.

Loss of life

The most serious effect of delayed pain after a car accident is loss of life. Some injuries might seem harmless at first only to gradually lead to death. Internal injuries to look out for include extreme whiplash, concussions, TBI, internal bleeding, and ruptured organs.

Avoid Quick Settlement Plans

The insurance company of the at-fault driver will often try to settle an out-of-court deal with the victims to avoid paying a lot of money in compensation claims. This means you may miss out on the right amount of compensation by appending your signature on a settlement plan from an insurance company. Instead, talk to your personal injury attorney to handle the case on your behalf. 

Also, make sure that you go for a complete medical examination to detect any internal injuries or delayed medical conditions. This will help your attorney fight for your fair compensation.

Why You Should Enlist a Personal Injury Attorney

You should always seek immediate medical attention after a crash even if you feel perfectly fine. This will make it easier for you to file a successful claim for compensation on your medical expenses and loss of wages. 

However, some injuries usually manifest themselves way after the accident. In such instances, you may have a hard time filing a claim for compensation. This is where the importance of hiring a personal injury attorney comes into play. The attorney will follow up on your case and ensure that you receive your rightful compensation.