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When Your Child Commits a Crime

Minors have been known to commit crimes, and if your son or daughter has been getting into trouble, you may not be surprised when they have committed a crime and have been subsequently arrested. Minors are still too young to be tried in court as adults, so they are most often labeled juvenile offenders. Every United States court has a juvenile court system that handles crime cases involving children who are technically a minor. An experienced juvenile criminal lawyer can help provide your child with adequate representation in court. So what happens when your child commits a crime?

The reason why […]

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Do I Need a DUI Attorney?

When it comes to any legal charges regarding a DUI, you’ll likely need the help of an experienced DUI attorney. An attorney who is experienced in DUI can provide valuable legal assistance when it comes to your case. You want a reputable attorney who has tons of experience in this field, especially if you’re facing possible criminal charges. Florida attorneys know how the judicial system works and have the knowledge to help your case get the best possible result. They may even have the ability to plea bargain your case so that if you do get sentenced, you get a […]

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Central Florida Chapter of ABOTA


ABOTA is an organization that requires its members to be responsible for elevating the standards of integrity, honor, ethics, civility and courtesy in the legal profession. Members cultivate a spirit of camaraderie and fellowship among each other and work to encourage and advance members of ABOTA professionally. ABOTA’s mission is to educate attorneys, students, the community and other professionals.

The American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA) is proud to present Civility Matters, an effort to promote the first specific purpose in ABOTAʼs constitution: “To elevate the standards of integrity, honor and courtesy […]

Statute Places Limits On What Insurance Companies Can Do To Raise Auto Insurance Rates

Getting into a car accident is no fun, and it can often be difficult to decide whether you want to pursue your legal options or not. Many people who have sustained an auto accident injury have doubts about whether they should file insurance claims for their injuries or damage to their property. They often fear that the insurance company will cancel or not renew their policy, or even increase their premiums as a result. If you’ve been injured in an auto accident and live in the Florida area, you may be surprised to learn that there are laws in place […]