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All About Medical Malpractice: Can You Sue?

You generally trust your doctors and the healthcare system to look after you. But is the system everything that it’s cracked up to be? Doctors and medical practitioners are just human beings like you and me. As such, they can make mistakes. Doctors and more swear to help the patients that are under their care, Unfortunately, sometimes they do not live up to the care they promise to provide, and that is where medical negligence occurs.

To be fair, a doctor is not responsible every time someone dies under their care. If that were the case, every doctor would be either […]

Why Voice to Text Is Not The “Safe” Version of Texting While Driving

We all lead busy lives. Some days it might feel like voice to text is your only safe option for communicating when you’re behind the wheel and are pressed for time. Voice to text seems safer, but is it just another form of distracted driving? Studies are now confirming that using this feature is actually just as dangerous as texting manually.

As any experienced car accident attorney can tell you, distracted driving causes thousands of car accidents in the United States every year. While it’s tempting to want to pick up the phone when it rings or text back while driving, […]

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