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My Child Committed a Crime: What Do I Do?

Parents try to do the best for their children. So when parents discover or are informed that their child has either committed a crime or been charged with one, it can be tough to deal with. Fortunately, there are ways to deal with it and help.

While you may feel like you are the only parent in the world that is going through this, the truth is that this is something that many parents go through, individually and together. You’re not alone and this doesn’t make you, your child, or your family ‘bad’. If you can all look at it as […]

Arrested & Taken To Jail: Your Phone Call Is Being Recorded

Have you ever been arrested? Some people have, some people have not. If you’re not overly familiar with what happens once you’re arrested and the way that the law works, you may be susceptible to falling for tricks that law enforcement members tend to use on people once they are taken in. You may not even realize that your rights allow you to be silent and that you may be in over your head when it comes to speaking on the phone.

That’s right, anything you say over the phone at a station or at the jail is likely monitored and […]

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When Your Child Commits a Crime

Minors have been known to commit crimes, and if your son or daughter has been getting into trouble, you may not be surprised when they have committed a crime and have been subsequently arrested. Minors are still too young to be tried in court as adults, so they are most often labeled juvenile offenders. Every United States court has a juvenile court system that handles crime cases involving children who are technically a minor. An experienced juvenile criminal lawyer can help provide your child with adequate representation in court. So what happens when your child commits a crime?

The reason why […]

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