texting while driving

What to Do After Being in a Distracted Driving Accident

Are you someone that texts a lot on your phone? How about when you’re driving? Texting while driving is usually something that you can see at least once a day while on the road. However, there are many forms of distracted driving and texting while driving or even talking make up a few of them.

Many states have passed laws regarding texting on their cell phones that make it illegal. Even in states that have these laws and those that do not, distracted driving like this qualifies as negligence in a court of law. If you have been involved in an […]

Using Your Phone While Driving Could Kill You

When it comes to accidents, it’s bad enough that the conditions are tough with high traffic and horrible weather. When you throw in medical emergencies, poor vision, and more, you can see that the world doesn’t’ really need to add distracted driving to its list or horrible accident causes. In the United States and increasingly in other parts of the world, distracted driving is taking a toll.

While teenagers are more likely to have the lower impulse control and higher desire to socialize or view a notification, it’s not just teenagers that are choosing poorly when driving. Sometimes, the behavior may […]