Juvenile Defense

How to Talk to New Drivers About Driving Safely

As a parent, you may have dreaded the day that your child has approached the legal driving age. Most teens want to go to driving school and get their permit and eventually their license to drive. You may feel nervous about this budding stage in their life where they are going to be driving and inherit all of the responsibility that comes with it.

While teenage drivers and drivers in their twenties are largely regarded as being the worst bracket of drivers on the road, it’s simply inexperience that causes young drivers to earn this somewhat unfortunate reputation. However, that is […]

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Your One Call from Jail is Probably Being Recorded

If you’re in jail or might be in jail in the future (you never know), should you really be openly chatting on that one phone call you get? If you answered that it doesn’t matter, then you might need an attorney. They say that you get one phone call, but what they don’t tell you is that they might be listening in on that call or even recording it.

Some jails make good use of modern technology, programs, and even apps on a computer to record that phone call that you’re making. While some will tell you, others don’t bother to […]

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Using Your Phone While Driving Could Kill You

When it comes to accidents, it’s bad enough that the conditions are tough with high traffic and horrible weather. When you throw in medical emergencies, poor vision, and more, you can see that the world doesn’t’ really need to add distracted driving to its list or horrible accident causes. In the United States and increasingly in other parts of the world, distracted driving is taking a toll.

While teenagers are more likely to have the lower impulse control and higher desire to socialize or view a notification, it’s not just teenagers that are choosing poorly when driving. Sometimes, the behavior may […]

What You Should Do When Your Child Has Been Charged with a Crime

As parents, we do the best we can. So it can be tough to know what to do when your child has been charged with a crime. A minor committing a crime is not uncommon. The crimes themselves can range from mostly harmless to serious violence– every case is different. When your child has been arrested and charged with a crime and will most likely be going to court, your best bet is to get them a juvenile criminal defense lawyer.

When your child becomes a juvenile offender, the criminal case is essentially going to be managed by the juvenile court […]

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When Your Child Commits a Crime

Minors have been known to commit crimes, and if your son or daughter has been getting into trouble, you may not be surprised when they have committed a crime and have been subsequently arrested. Minors are still too young to be tried in court as adults, so they are most often labeled juvenile offenders. Every United States court has a juvenile court system that handles crime cases involving children who are technically a minor. An experienced juvenile criminal lawyer can help provide your child with adequate representation in court. So what happens when your child commits a crime?

The reason why […]

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