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Your One Call from Jail is Probably Being Recorded

If you’re in jail or might be in jail in the future (you never know), should you really be openly chatting on that one phone call you get? If you answered that it doesn’t matter, then you might need an attorney. They say that you get one phone call, but what they don’t tell you is that they might be listening in on that call or even recording it.

Some jails make good use of modern technology, programs, and even apps on a computer to record that phone call that you’re making. While some will tell you, others don’t bother to […]

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Nursing Home Abuse: Getting Legal Help

It would be a nicer world we lived in if nursing home abuse didn’t happen, but unfortunately, it does. Many elderly people suffer in this issue and even though you might think that a nursing home is trustworthy at taking care of your loved ones, not all of them are. Of course, there may be good staffers and bad staffers, but that exact up and down a bit of this, a bit of that mentality is exactly what leads to unjust or abusive situations.

While we’d love to think every nursing home does a background check and is very studious about […]