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5 Reasons Why You Should Never Text and Drive

When it comes to driving, you can never be too safe. We’ve incorporated our smartphones into many aspects of our lives, but when we hit the road, we should never be taking out our phone. No matter how confident you feel in your ability to text and drive, the reality is that any amount of time with your eyes on your phone is too much when you’re behind the wheel.

Not sure why you should avoid texting and driving? Unless you want to consult an experienced personal injury lawyer for the eventual lawsuit for a crash you caused, it’s probably a decent […]

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Do You Have a Case for a Birth Injury?

Having a child is one of the most special times in life. Parents cannot ask anything more than for a healthy child to hold in their arms. However, not all childbirths end in this ideal way. While some parents will experience no problems at all during the birth of their child, others find that the birth of their child comes a time for medical care or even grieving, as their child has passed away.

Birth injuries do happen. If you have recently experienced something similar to this, you may wish to speak with an experienced birth injury attorney. They will […]

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