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8 Things to Know About Medical Malpractice

When it comes to medical malpractice, ideally it never happens. However, it’s important to realize that medical malpractice not only can occur, it frequently does. Hopefully, you or someone that you love never has to deal with this issue, but for the unfortunate few that have to encounter it, you have options. Read on to find out more about medical malpractice and what to do if it happens to you.

1. It’s the Third Leading Killer in the U.S.
Medical malpractice is the third leading cause of death in the United States, according to a survey by the Journal of America Medical […]

Texting While Driving Is The Leading Cause of Teen Deaths in the U.S.

Texting while driving is the main cause of accident and death for most of the teenagers driving in America today. According to a recent study, distracted driving deaths are an even larger risk for teenagers than driving under the influence. It just goes to show how much times have changed– and how truly dangerous and even deadly distracted driving can be. It may seem innocuous, but texting or talking on the phone or even looking for something or talking while you’re driving and not paying attention to the road can be enough to cause an accident that can cause injury […]