Wrongful Death


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Justice For Loved Ones Tragically Taken

If a member of your family died suddenly and you believe someone is to blame, our wrongful death attorneys at Payas, Payas & Payas, LLP can help. We understand the pain you’re going through; we’ve been helping families in central Florida with personal injury and wrongful death cases for more than 35 years. We provide highly personal and sensitive legal counsel, along with aggressive representation of your case. We take your loss as though it happened to our own family. We understand that no amount of money can ever replace a beloved family member, but we do everything in our power to ensure you are properly compensated. Our experienced attorneys capably manage wrongful death cases related to:

  • Animal attacks
  • Amusement park accidents
  • Auto accidents
  • Aviation accidents
  • Boat accidents
  • Dram shop (liquor service) liability
  • Drowning
  • Firearms accidents
  • Mass transit accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Premises liability
  • Products liability
  • Resort liability
  • Trucking accidents

Understanding Wrongful Death Actions In Florida

Wrongful death is different from homicide, which is a criminal act punishable by prison. Wrongful death is a civil court action, in which relatives of the deceased seek justice by holding a person accountable financially for taking their loved one’s life. Most wrongful death cases stem from accidents, where one person’s or a company’s negligence caused another person to die. Because the person who caused the accident didn’t intend for anyone to be hurt, there are no criminal charges. The plaintiffs in a wrongful death case don’t have to prove anyone is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt; they must prove someone is liable, that is, more-likely-than-not responsible.

Of course, homicide, when proven, is always wrongful death. So a murder victim’s relatives can easily get a wrongful death judgment in a separate, civil action. (It’s even possible for a family to get a wrongful death judgment against a person who has been acquitted of murder.) Unfortunately, since murder is a deliberate act, it’s not covered by insurance, so the family would have little chance of receiving any compensation. Accidental death cases, though harder to prove, have a greater chance of yielding compensation for survivors. And, because our personal injury attorneys accept Orlando-area wrongful death cases on a contingency basis, we charge no legal fees until we recover compensation for you.

Recovering Compensation In a Wrongful Death Case

When survivors obtain a wrongful death judgment, they are entitled to compensation for actual and compensatory damages, including:

  • Loss of support income
  • Medical bills and funeral expenses
  • Emotional suffering from loss of companionship
  • Emotional suffering from loss of parental guidance

You can trust our wrongful death and personal injury lawyers to effectively manage your case in the Orlando area, and we do so with the utmost sensitivity to your feelings during your difficult period of grief.

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