Driving on a busy highway carries substantial risks of an accident. Although you may strictly follow traffic rules and take caution on the road, a negligent driver may still hit your vehicle. Lane change accidents, in particular, are common on most busy highways and can cause severe injuries, property damage, and sometimes death.

One of the trickiest aspects of a lane change accident is getting compensation if you are not at fault. Fortunately, a car accident lawyer can help you receive maximum compensation for damages or injuries following an accident. Moreover, the attorney will review your case and help you present substantial evidence to support your claim.

Lane-Change Accidents: What Does the Law Say?

According to the Florida Traffic Law Statute 316.085, it is an offense to change lanes. You can only do so if you are sure there is no oncoming traffic from either side of your lane.  

Infringing lane change regulations can make you liable for hefty fines and negatively impact your driving record. In worst circumstances, unsafe changing of lanes may lead to suspension of your driver’s license.

On the other hand, if a negligent driver hits you while changing lanes, an attorney can help you prove the fault and seek compensation.

Causes of Lane-change Accidents

As you may already know, lane-change accidents occur when drivers change lanes without an open space or clear path. 

Below are some of the common scenarios:

  • Drifting Into Another Lane

A driver may unintentionally drift into another lane owing to fatigue or distraction.

  • Failure to Check Oncoming Traffic

Some drivers negligently fail to check for oncoming traffic before moving into a different lane.

  • Merging on the Same Lane

A lane-change accident can happen if two drivers attempt to change lanes simultaneously. As a result, both vehicles end in the same lane, causing a crash.

  • Crossing Over Different Lanes

A reckless driver may attempt to cross multiple lanes at once, especially while avoiding missing an exit on the road.

Determining the Party at Fault in a Lane-Change Accident

Choosing the party at fault is often complex if the accident involves multiple vehicles. The challenge is even worse if the vehicles shift positions following the impact. However, with credible evidence, accident investigators can determine the guilty party.

Your attorney may visit the accident scene and gather eyewitness accounts, take photos of the accident scene, and gather images of visible injuries. Police reports and medical records from a doctor could also boost the evidence presented in a court of law.

Insurance companies and the courts also need reliable evidence to prove liability for the accident. Thus, they may record witness accounts from passengers, pedestrians, and bystanders to have a clear picture of the accident.

Another way to determine fault following a lane accident is through accident reconstruction. A careful recreation of the scene by accident reconstruction experts can determine who is to blame for the accident. Usually, accident reconstruction comes in handy if you have different conflicting accounts from eyewitnesses and drivers.

How Do You File for Compensation?

In Florida, you may file for compensation from your auto insurer if you are a victim of a lane-change accident. In addition, if you sustain severe injuries or damage to your vehicle, you can sue the negligent driver or file for compensation from their auto insurer.

A car accident attorney comes in handy to cushion you against getting a raw deal from auto insurers. Moreover, the lawyer will help you build adequate evidence so you can argue your case in court and receive your compensation.

Typically, you may receive compensation for:

  • Lost wages.
  • Treatment costs.
  • Pain caused by the injuries.
  • Other expenses that result from the accident

Hire a Car Accident Attorney

Filing for compensation following a lane change accident can be complex if you do not understand traffic and insurance laws. 

Moreover, the process is often long and expensive and can drain you physically, emotionally, and financially.  

However, with an experienced car accident attorney, you can navigate the process and receive fair compensation. If you are a victim of a lane-change accident, do not hesitate to contact us for legal assistance. 

We would be glad to help!