One of the common causes of a car accident is driving an improperly serviced vehicle. For this reason, drivers are legally responsible for ensuring their cars are safe for operation at all times. If a driver fails to fulfill this responsibility, they can be liable for negligence.

Vehicle Maintenance Issues That May Contribute to a Car Accident 

Poor maintenance of your car can affect its performance. For instance, worn-out tires can blow out while driving. As a result, the vehicle may lose stability, leading to an accident. 

It would help if you, therefore, were watchful for this and other signs such as: 

  • Unusual Noises

Unusual sounds indicate that your car may require a mechanical check. For instance, loud squealing noises when starting the car engine may imply a problem with the serpentine belt. Similarly, loud noise when turning the car may indicate a problem with the power steering. 

  • A Different Experience

Sometimes, you will know there is a problem when the car behaves differently while driving. For instance, the vehicle may pull in a specific direction, indicating a problem with the steering wheel or a misalignment.

  • Leaking Fluids Under the Car

Fluids leaking from a car may include brake fluids, engine oils, coolants, and transmission fluids are leaking. If you notice any leaking fluid, the vehicle may require servicing.

  • Warning Lights on the Dashboard

Warning lights automatically pop up to alert you of potential problems. For instance, if you have a low tire pressure, your car may prompt you to inflate them. Similarly, over-inflating a tire can be a safety hazard as it can cause a tire bust. 

  • Break Malfunction

Common braking issues include screeching or grinding when applying brakes, pulling to one side, and vibrating brake pedals. If you notice a fault in the brake system, repair your brakes to avoid a crash.

  • Engine Hesitant to Start

Ideally, your car should start immediately after ignition. If the engine fails to start instantly, the ignition switch or car battery may be faulty.

  • Damaged Lights

Your light signals tell other road users if you are slowing, stopping, or turning. Unfortunately, damaged headlights, taillights, and turn signals mean you won’t be able to effectively communicate with other drivers, increasing the chances of accidents.

Legal Liability for Auto Accidents Arising from Poor Vehicle Maintenance

According to Florida Laws, you have a duty of care while driving to prevent harm to other drivers and road users. These include passengers, cyclists, passengers in other cars, pedestrians, and motorists.

Your legal responsibility includes ensuring regular maintenance and repair of your car before driving on the road. Failure to keep your vehicle in proper working condition means violating your duty of care, and you may be charged for negligence. So, if an accident occurs due to improper servicing, the injured may file a claim against you.

For instance, if you were driving with an underinflated tire and a blowout occurs, you may be held responsible for injuries and damages arising from the crash.

Liability for Defects and Faulty Repairs

The driver may not be the only party at fault after a car crash. Mechanics may also share the blame for performing shoddy repairs on the vehicle. For instance, when you take your car for repair and the mechanic fails to fix a faulty brake pad, they may be liable for damages and injuries if an accident occurs.

Similarly, you are responsible for ensuring only qualified mechanics fix malfunctions on your vehicle. Therefore, if an inexperienced mechanic carries out a repair task on your car, you may be liable for damages or injuries arising from an accident afterward. 

Auto and spare part manufacturers are not also free from liability following a car accident. For instance, if your car causes an accident owing to a piece of defective part or equipment, the manufacturer of the faulty component or the automaker may carry responsibility for the damages arising from the accident. An example is a car crash resulting from a cracked lug nut, causing the wheel to separate from the vehicle.

Get Professional Assistance

Car accidents may lead to severe injuries, loss of life, or damages that require costly repairs. Worse still, if you are at fault, you may pay hefty fines for failing to fulfill your duty of care while on the road. As a result, you should always keep your vehicle properly serviced to prevent auto accidents.

Suppose you are a victim of a car accident due to a poorly maintained vehicle. In that case, a car crash attorney can help you file a legal claim for damages or injuries and get a better settlement. Contact us today for legal advice and assistance in filing your claim.