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If you incur a severe personal injury, your first instinct would be to file a personal injury lawsuit against your assailant. Given that medical care is costly, it’s likely that you will dry out your bank account by the time you consider legal representation. Your financial shortcomings may drive you into trying to settle the case on your own.

But is this the right course of action?

It is common knowledge that insurance companies use dirty ticks to avoid meeting their obligations. They become even more aggressive when dealing with claimants who have limited legal knowledge.  They use every weapon in their arsenal to frustrate or derail your case until you go broke or give up, after which they compensate you with peanuts.

So, here are some of the reasons why you should seek help from a personal injury attorney


Limited legal knowledge

There are high chances that when you file a personal injury claim, your assailant will have the legal expertise of their insurance company. To increase their chances of winning the case, the company may hire an experienced and vastly knowledgeable attorney.

With your meager finances and limited legal knowledge, you would be fighting a losing battle. The best you can get for your troubles would be a considerably reduced compensation value.

Having an experienced personal injury attorney in your corner gives you a higher chance of winning the case, because:

  • The attorney will help you arrive at the best compensation figure by factoring in the extent of the injury suffered or property lost.
  • They can pinpoint the dirty strategies like delay or claim denial by insurance agencies and formulate measures to counter them.
  • An attorney will help you comply with all requirements and statutes so that the court does not disregard your claim on technicalities.


Lack of time and organizational skills.

Personal injury claims involve the gathering of many documents and organizing them to fit your defense. You also have to make numerous phone calls in a bid to settle the case faster.

These tasks are demanding and may interfere with your daily routine. Furthermore, since you are already nursing injuries, performing strenuous tasks may only worsen the situation. 

Engaging an attorney will save you from the hustle of moving up and down, but more importantly, you’ll have a better chance of winning.  Attorneys have the technical know-how to undertake personal injury settlements and are conversant with the right approaches to make to win your case.


Professional leverage

A layperson may not be up to the task to deal with the insurance company’s dirty tactics and may make grievous mistakes while negotiating for a settlement. Fortunately, a personal injury attorney has the professional expertise to counter these tactics.

The best part is that most insurance companies are aware of the attorney’s tact of gathering information and presenting strong court cases.  As a result, they may opt to meet your demands out of court for fear of incurring more significant losses in a court case.


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