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The effects of the Coronavirus have taken their toll on nearly all aspects of life. Schools have closed, businesses have shut down and various companies are urging their employees to work from home. As more people choose to stay indoors to curb the spread of the disease, public roads and highways have now become empty. 

However, instead of our roads and highways becoming safer, the open roadways have led to a sudden increase in accidents and traffic offenses. A number of drivers have seemingly become negligent, and they are taking advantage of the prevailing situation to violate road safety rules. 

Recent statistics by the Governors Highways Safety Association suggest that many drivers are over-speeding due to the open highways. The report further indicates that some motorists are hitting speeds of up to 100 mph, in total disregard of the set limits.

Unfortunately, these trends are not a preserve of just a few states, but the entire country.  Some states are recording a significant increase in speeding tickets while others have witnessed a reduction in crashes, but a sharp increase in the severity of these crashes.

The Association is therefore urging all road users, particularly motorists, to observe traffic safety laws during this pandemic. In any case, law enforcers are in the frontline just the same way as healthcare providers, and they have a mission to save lives during this time of national concern.

With this in mind, following traffic safety rules and taking extra care on the road can go a long way to prevent accidents and reduce the number of visits to hospital emergency rooms.

Similarly, the report indicates riders and pedestrians have increased substantially over the last few weeks as motor vehicle traffic declines. More people are now opting to walk or ride their bikes to various destinations rather than drive their cars.

However, this has not deterred or reduced accidents on the roads. In fact, more accidents are bound to happen because of reckless driving. For this reason, the association is requesting drivers to be on the lookout for pedestrians, bicycle riders and other road users to help reduce the number of accidents amid this pandemic.

As statistics suggest, it is now evident that speed in the determinant factor in many of the reported incidents. According to a 2019 study, one-third of all auto accidents were because of over-speeding. On the other hand, the current 2020 report specifies that pedestrians are now responsible for over 17 percent of all traffic-related accidents.

Whether you are a motorist, a pedestrian or a biker, adhering to traffic safety laws is crucial to keeping our roadways and highways safe for everyone. 

Always buckle up, drive within the speed limits and be on the lookout for other road users to help reduce the number of accidents on our highways particularly at this time as the country grapples with fighting this national pandemic.

In case you are a victim of reckless driving during time, do not hesitate to call an experienced auto accident attorney. The lawyer will investigate whether the driver has a case to answer and if you are eligible for any compensation for damages.