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Learning how to drive a car is a quite fun, and sometimes nerve-wracking endeavor. The learning process requires you to master the inner and outer workings of your car as well as the numerous traffic rules and regulations. And that’s not something you can do in a day or even a week – you will inevitably make some (potentially costly) mistakes while on the road. Below are some of the most common mistakes among rookie drivers, and reasons why you should avoid making them:



When you drive too close behind another vehicle, and it stops suddenly, it may become impossible to prevent a collision. This is a common mistake among new drivers, who tend to overestimate their ability to stop in time, or have a poor sense of distance due to inexperience. Tailgating can have fatal repercussions, particularly in busy highways where there are a large number of vehicles moving at higher speeds. As such, you need to always maintain a distance equivalent to the distance you can cover in 3 seconds at your current speed. That gives you enough time to react if the car in front stops suddenly.


Poor Vehicle Maintenance 

A lot of new drivers often underestimate the importance of regular vehicle maintenance and servicing. This consequently leaves them vulnerable to vehicle breakdowns and crashes. It is advisable to go for routine checkups and service, even if your vehicle seems okay at that moment.  


Using the Phone While Driving

While most experienced motorists are aware of the risks of using phones when behind the wheel, beginner drivers are somewhat ignorant of the same. However, using a mobile device while driving is not only illegal, but also a gamble on your life. Every day, more than 2000 people suffer injuries from accidents involving phone use on the roads – and that’s only in the U.S. Keeping your phone away while driving keeps you focused on your surroundings, which means you’ll be able to react much faster and avoid an accident.



Inexperienced drivers usually have a hard time gauging, and maintaining the speed limit when driving, and often go beyond the limit without realizing it. And as we all know, maintaining control of a vehicle at high speeds is extremely difficult, even for veteran drivers. The risks involved include overturning, crashing into an oncoming car, and more commonly, veering off the road. 

Even without the risk of accident, speeding could get you a ticket, which could raise your insurance premiums. Beginner drivers are strongly advised to drive within the prescribed speed limits for each road they’re driving on to prevent potentially fatal accidents. 



Lack of experience, and ‘road smartness’ among drivers is a common cause of road accidents, and knowing how to avoid rookie mistakes is a great way of preventing all sorts of accidents. And in case you’re caught up in an accident and need to either avoid jail or file a personal injury claim, hiring an auto accident lawyer greatly boosts your chances of getting a favorable legal outcome.