In recent times, cycling has become a preferred mode of transport for many people. This is due to the numerous benefits and advantages it offers. These include:

  • Cheap mode of transport
    Bicycle riding is a cost-effective means of transportation, as it does not require gas or fuel. Moreover, most bicycles are cheap to buy, and require little maintenance.
  • Eco-friendly
    They are also 100 percent eco-friendly, since they don’t emit any harmful gases, unlike motor vehicles.
  • Form of exercise
    Bicycle riding also provides good exercise for the body, thus allowing riders to keep healthy and fit.
  • Little to no traffic
    Unlike motor vehicles, which often get gridlocked in traffic, bicycles are usually assigned special lanes, which rarely get affected by traffic. This makes cycling a very convenient way of moving around, especially in big cities.

Unfortunately, the increase in the number of cyclists on the roads has led to a rise in bicycle-related accidents. Research shows that nearly 800 cyclists die in the United States every year due to bicycle accidents. Most of these accidents usually occur due to an unwillingness of motor vehicle drivers to share the road with bicycle riders and failure of cyclists to observe road safety practices. Unless motorists and cyclists learn to share the road and practice road safety, these fatal cycling accidents are only bound to increase. 

Tips to Prevent Bicycle Accidents

Cyclists are more vulnerable to road accidents compared to motorists. As a cyclist, therefore, you need to take the necessary steps to ensure your safety on the road at all times. 

Here are some of the tips that can help you avoid accidents when cycling:

  • Take your bicycle for routine maintenance regularly to ensure that all the parts are working properly. 
  • Always wear your helmet when cycling to protect your head from injuries such as concussions
  • Maintain focus and concentration when cycling especially in busy roads and highways
  • Always signal motorists and other cyclists with your hands before making turns or stopping
  • Refrain from cycling when under the influence of drugs or alcohol since this could impair your judgement
  • Familiarize yourself with the traffic rules of your locality and observe them at all times
  • Always wear reflector jackets when cycling at night to make yourself visible to other road users
  • Ensure your bicycles horn or bell is working properly when cycling to alert other road users
  • Always cycle on the specially designated lanes for bicycles.
  • Always be considerate of other road users, including pedestrians, motorists and other cyclists

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