The holiday season is without a doubt a very exciting time of the year for most people. This is mainly because it presents an opportunity for them to travel and spend quality time with family and friends.

However, the increased number of drivers on the road during the holiday season makes driving a very risky affair. If you plan on driving during the holiday season, therefore, you need to take the necessary measures to ensure your safety as well as that of your loved ones while on the road.


Here are some of the reasons why road accidents generally increase during the holidays.

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Drunk Driving

Most people tend to overindulge in alcohol during the holiday season due to the general party atmosphere that characterizes this time. Often, individuals ignore safety precautions and opt to drive while under the influence of alcohol. This typically leads to an increase in the number of fatal road accidents during the holiday season. Statistics have shown that nearly 40 percent of all fatalities that happen during the Christmas holidays involve at least one drunk driver. Therefore, if you intend to drink during the holiday season, you can have one of your non-drinking friends or family members drive, or simply take an Uber instead.


Increased Number of Vehicles on the Road

The holiday season usually sees an increase in the number of vehicles on the road, as people hassle to get to their destinations. This greatly increases the potential for road accidents due to congestion. This problem is even further complicated by out-of-town drivers who come to town while in transit to other destinations. These drivers may not be very familiar with the roads, thus increasing the risk of fatal road accidents.


Stressed Driving

Another reason why road accidents generally increase during the holiday season is due to stressed driving. Driving during the holidays can be very frustrating due to unrelenting traffic on the roads. This often causes many drivers to overspeed as they try to make it to their destinations in time, often ignoring road safety measures. Driving under stress also makes drivers easily distracted while on the road, thereby increasing the potential for road accidents.

Lack of Proper Vehicle Maintenance

The holiday season usually sees a rise in road accidents due to poor vehicle maintenance. Many drivers neglect getting their vehicles inspected and serviced, opting instead to use the money for buying foodstuffs, gifts, and other essentials. They may decide to drive with their vehicles in poor condition, without carefully assessing the risk. This typically leads to fatal road accidents. If you are planning on driving during the holidays, it is important that you invest in vehicle maintenance, as it will help you avoid road accidents.


Take Away

Taking the necessary safety measures when driving during the holidays will allow you to get to your destination safely. However, in the unfortunate event that you get into a road accident, it would be best to consult your car accident attorney, to help you decide on the best course of action.


Enjoy your holidays!