Uber is arguably the biggest and most popular ride-hailing company in the world, and part of its success can be attributed to high safety standards. Notably, their drivers are thoroughly scrutinized before getting approved, and must undergo a mandatory road safety and customer care training thereafter. They also have to abide by strict rules, and an unforgiving customer review system designed to protect passengers from harm.

auto accident attorney floridaHowever, despite all these measures, accidents involving Uber are still prevalent in our roads. So, what should you do if you get involved in an Uber accident? Well, let’s find out more…

Insurance Coverage for Ride-Hailing Companies

According to San Francisco laws (where Uber is based), all ride-hailing companies must provide insurance coverage to their customers. However, the process of getting compensation, in case you’re injured in an Uber accident is not as easy as it sounds. 

You will find the entire process of filing a personal injury claim to be overly complicated, and full of bureaucracy. As such, we recommend hiring an experienced car accident lawyer to help you through the claims process.


Should Uber Drivers Carry Insurance Policies That Cover Their Passengers?

Yes. Uber requires all their active drivers to have car insurance policies that extend coverage to each passenger. This essentially means that in case of an accident, the passengers (who are always innocent parties), will have their backs sorted.

To supplement their drivers’ covers, Uber provides blanket insurance coverage to all their drivers and passengers. This cover is, however, only active when the Uber app is active for both the driver and passenger. In essence, the Uber insurance covers you from the time the driver accepts your request, to the time you exit the car after completing your ride.


What Happens When Both The Uber Driver and The Other Driver Are at Fault?

You may be caught up in a situation where both your Uber driver, and the other driver, were to blame for causing the accident. Consequently, their insurance companies may be reluctant to pay compensation, even to the innocent passengers. In such a case, pursuing a personal injury lawsuit, with the help of a good car accident lawyer, would be the best option.


What If The Other Driver Involved in The Accident Was Uninsured?

In such a scenario, you would be best placed to pursue compensation through Uber’s Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist (UIM) cover. The cover is worth $1 million, and it primarily covers passengers in situations where the non-Uber drivers are uninsured or underinsured.


Consult a Personal Injury Attorney 

Accidents are traumatizing ordeals, and it’s normal to be confused as to what direction to take if you’re involved in one. It gets even more messed up when your compensation claim to Uber is rejected (they do deny quite a fair number of claims). 

Hiring an experienced personal injury attorney will help you navigate through the complicated legal processes, and increase your chances of getting satisfactory compensation. Sounds good, right?