When you are expecting a baby, you must make sure that you and the baby are safe. There is nothing scarier than being in an accident when pregnant. Any mother that is expecting never wants to be in an auto accident. A car accident can cause serious harm. Anyone would be worried about getting into this situation or the health consequences if they did.Car accident attorney Ready to Fight Orlando FL

The first thing that you would think about would be the well being of your baby when in an accident. That’s why it is all the more important to be safe when driving or even riding as a passenger by staying buckled and making good driving decisions while out on the road.

Driving Concerns While Pregnant

While being involved in accidents may not contribute to or cause death of you or a baby alone, it can certainly put you and your baby at risk. It’s best to avoid them, but sometimes they cant be avoided.

Don’t delay when it comes to getting medical attention after an accident if pregnant because it could save your life and your baby’s.

Complications or injury signs post-accident include:

Pain in the abdominal area- Could mean internal bleeding, fetal distress, complications.

Difficulties urinating- Any pain urinating and you should seek treatment. Could be sign of injury to internal or bladder.

Vaginal bleeding- Bleeding that is continued or excessive may indicate uterine trauma/miscarriage.

Fainting or dizziness- Changes in blood pressure could cause dizziness. If you feel dizzy or about to faint or you did faint, seek treatment.

Swelling- Any swelling is a sign of a health problem so get to a doctor immediately just to be sure.

Headache- Needs to be checked out, could be caused by a variety of things including whiplash.

Movement changes- If your baby is not moving or has stopped, seek treatment immediately on an emergency basis.

Bruising- Any bruising could be a sign of trauma when pregnant and needs to be evaluated.

Safety First

Be sure your vehicle has the right safety features and equipment in the form of good design, airbags, and working seat belts.

I Was In An Accident and I’m Pregnant: What Do I Do?

  • Go to the hospital.

Immediately visit the closest hospital and get checked out. Medical professionals will test you and evaluate you and your baby for any signs of distress and make sure you’re okay and give you further information and a plan of treatment and care.

  • Contact your obstetrician.

Contact them, let them know the situation. Involve your doctor and alert them to injuries and keep them informed of any new developments.

  • Keep your records.

They keep track of everything and you need every paper document, bill, and everything involved in your accident, visits, and aftercare.

  • Get aftercare.

Go with a treatment plan that is recommended. Seek a second opinion if you feel it is necessary, but follow the advice of your doctor.

  • Stay calm.

You’re doing all you can in a tough situation.

  • ┬áContact a lawyer.

An experienced lawyer can hear you out and potentially take your case. That way you can focus on recovery while a professional manages the legal details. Schedule a consultation today to speak with our qualified attorneys and find out more.