When some people are involved in a car accident, they may get visible injuries like burns, cuts, even broken bones. Emergency response workers that see these injuries will recognize them andcar accident Orlando FL attorney Ready To Fight rush victims to get treatment. However, what about other injuries that are not as obvious?

Injuries can be invisible or not appear at first, but then show up in the hours or days following an accident. Once the adrenaline and shock wear off, only then may they become aware that something is wrong.

One example of this would be chest pains. You may feel chest pains that feel sore underneath the ribs, or that breathing causes pain. You may notice that they show up later. Any pains in the chest or anywhere should be taken seriously as they could indicate a severe or even life-threatening injury.

What Causes Chest Pains Following An Accident?

A collision that causes chest injuries could easily cause chest pains. Passengers inside of a vehicle involved in an accident may collide with the features or interior of the vehicle upon impact, causing bruising and worse.

Even seat belts and airbags designed to enhance safety could end up causing these types of injuries. Additionally, stress from an accident or adrenaline could trigger a heart attack during a crash and that could be the cause of the pain.

What’s So Serious About Post-Accident Chest Pains?

Difficulty breathing or pains in the chest are a sign that something is wrong. Your health is in danger and you should respond to observing pains by consulting a doctor and seeking immediate medical attention. They will either confirm that there is a problem and diagnose a cause or advise you to simply seek bed rest as they have found no injuries, just light bruising.

As your injury could be any form of damage to the body, you’ve got to get it checked out and must seek treatment. You may be able to explain to the doctor what happened during the accident and give them a chance to inform their diagnosis and course of treatment.

Make your health the top priority and see a doctor after an accident– even if you have no visible injuries. This may also help you when it comes to documenting injuries and recovering compensation down the line. If pursuing a lawsuit, you will need medical documents of any injuries sustained.

Getting Legal Help Following An Accident

An auto accident can cause serious injury and costly medical treatment and physical therapy. If medical bills are overwhelming you or you can’t work thanks to your injury/injuries as a result of an accident that wasn’t your fault, you should seek legal guidance from a lawyer quickly.

They’ll collaborate with you if they take on your case to investigate an accident, consult experts, seek compensation, deal with insurance companies, pursue a settlement, or even go to trial, all while attempting to get funds to you from a judgment or settlement in a timely manner.

Find out more by speaking with a lawyer from one of our offices today! If you or someone you know has suffered injuries or pains to your chest or other bodily injury, get in touch with our firm and contact us to discover more through a consultation with one of our experienced lawyers today.