Do you love dogs? They say that canines are man’s best friend’, loyal and true.

While dogs can be beloved pets, they also have potential to cause injury. Some breeds may naturally be slightly more aggressiveReady to fight attorney than say, a Chihuahua (and anything larger than a Chihuahua with a strong bite may really be able to do some damage). Others may not be trained properly or have a history of incidents.
It may depend on the owner and whether they take good care of them. Sometimes dogs seem to snap for no reason, but logical explanations exist– a car backfiring spooked them, or the noise of a lawnmower is actually driving their sensitive ears crazy.

It’s more common than you think and does happen often– you may even know someone besides yourself that has been bitten before. Have you been bitten by a canine recently? If you’ve ever been nipped or bit by a dog, you can attest to the fact that it can actually hurt. Dogs have way more power in their jaws than one might realize or suspect initially– after all, they’re so lovable and cute!

However, you can’t forget that dogs are hunters and have a long primal past– as carnivores and hunters of great intelligence that used their sharp teeth to rip into their kill. While dogs have been civilized and domesticated for centuries since that time, much of their anatomy– and ability to injure or kill– has remained largely the same.

The United States averages four million documented dog bites a year. What about things like premise liability? Insurance companies covering homeowners insurance doled out an average of $38,000 for every settled dog attack claim.

Children are frequently injured by dogs. They are more likely to go up to a dog they do not know and pet them. Always consult and ask permission of the owner to approach before doing so– they may politely decline or warn you that the dog is not used to strangers.

Children are also more likely to lose their balance and fall down and get injured that way. As they are shorter, they do not have the ability to defend themselves if a dog bites or attacks or gets even way too rambunctious– toddlers in particular are susceptible to severe injury, but no child is immune. They also do not have the experience and caution that some adults may have.

The laws on dog bites may vary according to state. However, if you have been bitten and negligence was at play, you may have a case. Owners also that knew their dog or dogs were potentially unruly and had a history of aggressive behavior but were not taken to training school or knew their dog was a risk to others may also find that they are liable for damages.

If you’ve been bitten by a dog, call for a consultation and see whether you have a case. You may be glad that you did.