bad driving habitsWhen it comes to driving, sometimes bad habits can bring you down. Or more specifically, your car. Some people may be set in their ways when it comes to driving, and months or even years of doing the same thing can help you create a routine that is tough to break.

No matter where you live, safe driving practices are always a good idea. Whether you live in an area where traffic is a big issue or a relatively quiet rural area, you can always benefit from following good driving habits.

If you have so-called ‘bad’ driving habits and want to get better — or perhaps don’t even know that you have them– read on to find out more about these common habits and how you can correct them. When it comes to the road, safety needs to be everyone’s number one priority.

Forgetting to use your turn signal

Turn signals let the drivers around you know what you are doing. That allows them to react accordingly and avoid accidents. Even when you have signals out, use your hands to let drivers know what you are going to do. Letting other motorists clearly know what you are going to do will help them anticipate your actions and may help you reduce your chances of being in an accident that is totally unnecessary. Get into the habit of signaling if you are not in it already!

Slowing down to look at accidents

This is also known as rubber necking and it is actually very dangerous! Even if you see something intriguing on the side of the road, as car accidents and stopped traffic can sometimes be, craning your neck to look at accidents or anything similar could lead to you getting in one as well. Try to keep your eyes focused on the road no matter how tempting it is to see what’s going on.

Rolling through stop signs and red lights

Stop means coming to a full stop! When you come to a stop sign or red light, rolling through just will not do. Come to a complete stop now– it’s safer and you’ll get less traffic tickets.

Distracted driving

Whether it’s checking your phone or listening to the music too loud or even talking to someone on speaker or using a hands-free device, any time that you’re not paying full attention to the road you are driving distracted. Always pay attention to the road and pull over if you really need to. Nothing is worth endangering your life or the lives of others!


Driving the speed limit is not only smart, it’s safe. Driving too fast can up your odds of hitting a person or animal, failing to see traffic signs, or being unable to stop when you need to. Speeding in inclement weather conditions can also be dangerous. Manage your time so that you never have to speed to get to where you are going.