best car accident attorney orlando flWere you aware that changes in driving laws regarding insurance could possibly impact your rights as a driver? That’s important to know if you are a motorist driving in the state where laws have recently changed– and could affect you directly.

No one wants to be affected by laws that they may or may not even have been aware existed. It can be tough to try and drive and get into a car accident as well– only to find that not only are you now a car accident victim in Florida, but you may be facing out-of-pocket expenses that are sky-high. If you live in Florida and drive a vehicle on the roads, this directly pertains to you.

Getting into a car accident in the state of Florida may be more inconvenient than ever. If you’re a driver that lives and operates a motor vehicle in the sunshine state, then this may be bad news for you. The Personal Injury Protection law was passed and took effect in the year 2013.

The move was proposed in the hope that it would be a barrier to insurance fraud. This was good news for the companies and businesses operating in the field of selling and managing insurance, but the move also had unexpected impacts on other people too.

The state now required that drivers hold up to $10k in coverage for special insurance that was supposed to give motorists medical coverage in the event of an accident. The only problem is that every driver in the state is supposed to have this insurance; but even having it does not guarantee that you will be receiving the benefits you were supposed to get in the event of an accident.

Does this sound fair to you? Many motorists have been surprised to find out the impacts of this law and some barely had any idea that it even existed. They may not have been aware of the recent updates and changes to the law as well– changes that puts a time limit on getting treatments.

Add to this the fact that now many individuals must seek treatment within the course of a good two-week time period– a fact they may not even have known about. They must also be certified and get the fact that they required medical attention immediately verified for a doctor. With little options available, more and more people are turning to legal assistance to get the compensation they need.

Have you been in an auto accident and need legal guidance? Hundreds of drivers find themselves in this position every day. Things may get even more complicated if you find that the motorist that you’ve been in an accident with does not have insurance or the insurance companies are refusing to compensate you to the amount that you are requesting or need in order to pay medical bills and more.

If this sounds like you or someone you know, The Law Offices of Payas, Payas, and Payas may be able to help. Contact their offices today to arrange for a consultation and find out more about the specifics of your case. You may have a strong enough case to have your day in court. Call today.