Arrested_& Taken To Jail_ Your Phone Call Is Being Recorded-criminal_defense attorney in OrlandoIf you’re in jail or might be in jail in the future (you never know), should you really be openly chatting on that one phone call you get? If you answered that it doesn’t matter, then you might need an attorney. They say that you get one phone call, but what they don’t tell you is that they might be listening in on that call or even recording it.

Some jails make good use of modern technology, programs, and even apps on a computer to record that phone call that you’re making. While some will tell you, others don’t bother to disclose this information. Read on to find out more and at least when you’re contacting a criminal defense attorney in Orlando you won’t have to tell them that, by the way, you also may have disclosed some information over the phone that could work against your case.
Scroll down and see why you should probably keep the chatter on your phone call to a minimum. After all, i’ts better to be safe than to be sorry.

If you do go to jail, you should assume that your phone call is going to be recorded. Speak on the phone as if every bit of your call is being recorded and will be handed off to law enforcement or a prosecutor either right away or soon after it is done. That way, if it is recorded or being listened in on, there will be nothing that can be used against you recorded and ready to go.

Remember that anything that you say can and will be used against you, and that goes for the phone call and what you might say while in prison or jail. Just because you haven’t had a trial yet does not mean that the way you conduct yourself and what you say cannot be used to help convict you and sentence you to some time.

So if you do go to jail, remember that your best bet is to keep the things that you say while on the phone to a minimum. This is not your personal cell phone; this is a jail phone. Even if you do say nothing incriminating over the phone, if you do find yourself in jail then you should contact a lawyer right away.

Getting legal guidance is crucial. A lawyer or a legal team will be able to get the details about your case and then advise you what to do, what to say, and more. Do not incriminate yourself and do not speak freely about your case to anyone but your lawyer, as attorney-client privilege stands up but there is no such thing as that privilege with anyone else that will be legally respected.

It’s also important to remember to monitor your mood and demeanor. Do not swear, raise your voice, or be combative or difficult with law enforcement– it might work against you. Staying calm will definitely help you while any erratic or angry behavior may negatively influence your case. Speak levelly and evenly while on the phone, being aware of every word that you say. Speak to your lawyer in person and if they advise you to not speak about your case once you are released, then listen to that advice!

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