nursing-home-abuseIt would be a nicer world we lived in if nursing home abuse didn’t happen, but unfortunately, it does. Many elderly people suffer in this issue and even though you might think that a nursing home is trustworthy at taking care of your loved ones, not all of them are. Of course, there may be good staffers and bad staffers, but that exact up and down a bit of this, a bit of that mentality is exactly what leads to unjust or abusive situations.

While we’d love to think every nursing home does a background check and is very studious about who they hire, the truth is that nursing homes have a high turnover rate in some areas and that can lead to many employees being hired and trained on a yearly basis. Sometimes low wages do not have the effect of drawing people with many other options employment wise.

You want to believe that you loved ones are being taken care of in a home, but are they? While thousands of older residents have a positive experience of a nursing home, some do not. Read on to find out more about this type of abuse and legal options for action by scrolling down.

Abuse can happen at really any home if an employee that is secretly abusive slips past the radar. Neglect or outright abuse can be a huge unnecessary source of psychological and physiological stress for the residents. This can not only result in feelings of emotion such as sadness and depression as well as physical damage and risk of injury or death when medications are dispersed improperly.

Are you dealing with this situation or know someone that has told you or you believe is in a similar situation? You do have legal options if you are dealing with this. When evidence of abuse is found in a nursing home, children or residents often don’t know what to do. NO matter what type of abuse you are going through, whether intentional, abuse through neglect of medication or wrong dosages being administered, outright neglect and lack of care for basic things, or even theft or emotional or physical abuse.

Something that also qualifies as abuse is over-serving residents medications for the purpose of sedating them. Giving them too much of a medicine in what is a premeditated overdose is illegal and the drugs may interact poorly with the medication they are taking or their body and the complications can result in illness or death.

Whether it’s distributing the wrong medications to patients by accident or giving patients overdoses of antipsychotic medication, there is usually a clear indication that this is a breach of the duty of care. If you or someone you know is going through abuse at a nursing home, don’t hesitate. Contact The Law Offices of Payas, Payas, and Payas to make an appointment and see what your legal options are going forward. See what you can do and don’t let abuse go on in a home uncontested. Call today to find out more.