Texting And Talking While DrivingHave you ever driven distracted? Some people think that if they aren’t using their cell phones while driving, they aren’t driving distracted. The truth is that there are many ways to drive distracted, and all of them can lead to an accident that causes injury or even fatalities. You could never walk again, and all from ‘needing’ to answer that text.

It’s bad enough to drive distracted or constantly have your life risked and your stress levels raised by someone else who is driving in a negligent way. However, if you constantly are transporting children or other people in your vehicle, you cannot afford to drive distracted or be hit by someone else because the results could be disastrous.

If you yourself drive distracted, you could hurt someone, be sued, and/or go to jail. It never pays to drive distracted– you could seriously injure or harm someone else. It’s just not a good idea! If you want to be a safer driver and know how to avoid becoming distracted will on the road, please read on to find out more.

Accidents being caused by distracted driving are leaping in frequency in every country. They are so commonly the cause of accidents that they are causing more accidents than actual intoxicated drivers. To outpace those figures, the incidents of distracted driving accidents have to be very high. Not everyone is going to drive intoxicated– a significant percentage of people on the road drive dead sober– but unfortunately, everyone has the potential to become distracted on the road.

Nearly all people driving will have a working cell phone on them and if not, a radio or stereo system in the car. All you need to have to become distracted can be a cell phone or music– it’s that simple and that easy. Becoming distracted is literally just a foot away, as you pick up the phone and answer that call or check that message. The temptation and the chance to become distracted while driving is constant. The only thing that ensures you don’t is you.

Distracted driving can be:

  • Paying more attention to the music than the road.
  • Watching things in the sky.
  • Taking photos or video or using social media on your phone while driving.
  • Turning around to mediate your children fighting in the backseat.
  • Taking your eyes off the road.
  • Texting or talking on the phone.
  • Watching a video.
  • Putting directions into your map.

There is never a good time to be a distracted driver or be hit by one. The most that you can do is control how you drive and how aware you are of other drivers on the road. Distracted driving is a real danger– just ask an auto accident attorney. They represent dozens of people a year in cases involving negligence and distracted driving.

Whether you are attempting to sue someone who drove distracted or defending yourself in court, you need a reliable attorney on your side. Consult The Law Offices of Payas, Payas, and Payas and see what they have to say and start building your case.