amusement park accidentsDo you frequently find yourself going to amusement parks? People love to go to amusement parks for a variety of reasons, usually the rides! There are always a variety of rides available at every amusement park, along with food, drinks, and other features like photos and games.

If you love amusement parks, you may find yourself wondering how frequently amusement park accidents occur. With so many people going every year to parks, you may assume that the number is quite low. While it’s not a reason to be paranoid, many accidents do occur at theme parks and they happen more often than most people might like to believe. It’s often only deaths that make it into the news, and a lot of accidents never make it to the media.

Read on to find out more about how often these accidents occur and find out whether you’re being paranoid or if there are actually a lot more incidents of injury and death than you thought.

Amusement parks are prime locations for accidents. What could happen? Well, the machines or the rides can malfunction on their own. At other times, it could be due to an error by a ride worker. There are still other incidents that occur because people are either not riding the ride safely or have not been properly strapped in. In other cases, children or people that do not meet the ride requirements are allowed on and then things go awry.

The truth is that any ride has the potential to injure, even if it seems fairly safe. Freak accidents can occur, and when there are rides going at high speed in different angles, injury can occur even when nothing goes wrong. For example, people get neck, back, or head injuries from rides every year– even torn ligaments and broken limbs.

Over 8,000 people reported sustaining injuries on amusement park rides in 2006. Those were just the injuries that went to the ER– not more mild injuries, which is actually terrifying. That means that the amount of injuries that year likely surpassed 10,000 easily. When you look at how many injuries there are on a yearly basis, it kind of makes you think twice about visiting.

More than one person has been injured at a theme park. Whether it’s the ligaments in the neck or injuries to their head or even strain from G-forces that are too much for the head, injuries are common. Still worse, half of the accidents that occur happen to children. For children who are between the ages of 10 and 14, they will make up 3 out of 4 people that get injured from falling or forceful ejection. Over 50 people died in a 13-year period from 1987 to 2000 on intense rides like roller coasters.

If you have been involved in an amusement park ride accident, the best thing that you can do is consult a lawyer. They will be able to tell you whether you have a case and what to do next. Contact The Law Offices of Payas, Payas, and Payas today to discover whether you have a strong enough case to sue and get justice for your injury.