car accident attorneyWhen it comes to driving, distracted driving can be really dangerous. Not only are you risking your life, but you’re also risking the lives of others. Check out why this practice needs to stop and find out more information about how you can stop distracted driving in your life and in those of others’. If not, you may need to speak with an experienced car accident attorney sometime soon. Read on to find out more.

Distracted driving is a bad thing, period! When you are distracted while driving, your focus is just not the same. You are more likely to get into an accident if you are distracted than if you have your full concentration on the road. There are many reasons why you may be distracted while driving, but whatever the reason is, it doesn’t truly matter. You need to resist the temptation to be distracted while operating a motor vehicle if you are going to be a safe driver.

Driving while distracted is starting to become much more common. It seems that individuals are multitasking more than ever, and with so many alerts coming from smartphones all the time, it shouldn’t be that surprising that accidents due to distraction are on the rise. Not only could you seriously hurt someone, you are also likely going to be sued by whoever you impact. It’s always better to focus on the road and ignore distractions than it is to look back and realize that you messed up.

With so many PSAs and focus on distracted driving, it’s a foolish move to know all the information and still drive distracted. Do not pick up your phone, talk, text, play with your radio, and more while you’re driving. Have your passenger pick up whatever slack you can. Driving distracted can result in serious consequences are serious charges as well. Distracted driving laws can vary when it comes to different states, but for more of them, performing any activity that causes you to be distracted while you are operating a motor vehicle does qualify as distracted driving.

When driving, do not:

  • Turn around or take your eyes from the road.
  • Be more concerned about your music choices than your safety.
  • Put on makeup or groom yourself in your mirror.
  • Check a text on your cellphone.
  • Text on your cellphone.
  • Go on the Internet using your smartphone.
  • Adjust your GPS unit.
  • Pick up calls on your cellphone.
  • Get too caught up in conversations.
  • Play music loudly.

There are so many reasons to drive safe, but if you can’t, you may find yourself in court and eventually jail. It really is not worth it to drive distracted, but if you insist, you may be seeing an attorney before you know it. If you or someone that you know has been involved in an auto accident, call The Law Offices of Payas, Payas, and Payas today. Figure out what your options are and receive experienced guidance from the people who know the area– contact us today and make an appointment to find out what you can do about your distracted driving accident.