experienced personal injury attorneyWhen it comes to driving, you can never be too safe. We’ve incorporated our smartphones into many aspects of our lives, but when we hit the road, we should never be taking out our phone. No matter how confident you feel in your ability to text and drive, the reality is that any amount of time with your eyes on your phone is too much when you’re behind the wheel.

Not sure why you should avoid texting and driving? Unless you want to consult an experienced personal injury lawyer for the eventual lawsuit for a crash you caused, it’s probably a decent idea. If that still doesn’t convince you, here are five compelling reasons why you should never text and drive.

1. You’re way more likely to cause an accident.
Picture yourself driving with your eyes on the road. Now picture yourself checking Facebook and engaging with the material on your phone while still moving forward on the road. Which one is the safer scenario?

You are far more likely to cause an accident if you are using your phone and operating on the road at the same time. On average, you’re going to take your eyes off of the road for three seconds or more– more than enough time to cause a crash that is your fault.

2. You could end up killing yourself.
If you’re going to be constantly taking your focus off of driving and what’s going on in front of you, can you really be too surprised when it causes an early death? From hitting a telephone pole accidentally to swerving to avoid an accident to causing a pileup, all it takes is a few seconds and wham, you’re dead.

3. It’s one of the stupidest things you can choose to do.
Let’s face it: driving and texting is not the smartest move in the world. It’s just a really selfish and harmful action. Even if you think that it’s no big deal, well, maybe you’re right. Just remember that you’re not only choosing to risk your life, but you’re choosing to risk the lives of whoever’s path you come across. If you’re fine with risking the lives of children and adults because you want to check your phone, don’t be surprised when you’re standing trial for causing their injuries or deaths.

4. Save money and stay out of jail.
If you don’t want to spend money, do community service, have your insurance go up, or go to jail, we recommend avoiding driving and texting. While many different states have varying laws and strikes when it comes to this policy, some states are more severe than others. Florida has banned texting while driving and it’s a secondary offense. Check the laws in your state, but while some states may issue a fine or tickets, others may be arresting you on the spot. If you don’t want to go to jail or even to pay money for texting while driving, just never do it– it’s as simple as that.

5. Know you’re a responsible person.
At the end of the day, it’s highly irresponsible to text and drive. Refusing to look at your phone while you’re driving is the responsible choice. Feel good knowing that YOU are a responsible person by vowing to never text and drive again!

If you’ve been involved in a car accident recently as a result of distracted driving, contact the Law Offices of Payas, Payas, and Payas and talk to an experienced lawyer today.