experienced birth injury attorneyHaving a child is one of the most special times in life. Parents cannot ask anything more than for a healthy child to hold in their arms. However, not all childbirths end in this ideal way. While some parents will experience no problems at all during the birth of their child, others find that the birth of their child comes a time for medical care or even grieving, as their child has passed away.

Birth injuries do happen. If you have recently experienced something similar to this, you may wish to speak with an experienced birth injury attorney. They will be able to help inform you on this process and figure out whether you have a case that will stand up in court. 

When it comes to a birth injury, you need to consult a lawyer as quickly as possible if you intend to sue. Often cases suing is the only recourse for grief stricken families after the loss or injury of their child. It may also be the only way to get medical bills paid, as not many institutions are going to stick their neck out and volunteer culpability. Failing to speak to an attorney and file a case means that you will not get the compensation for what happened to your child or what has happened to your family. You absolutely must speak with professionals if you are considering suing.

Remember, the sooner you bring this to a lawyer, the better off you’ll be. They’ll be able to tell you whether your case is strong enough for them to wish to represent in court. While you may still feel like you are reeling emotionally, bringing the case to a lawyer will put it under the eyes of someone with experience. They will be able to guide you through this process and meet deadlines before eventually helping you present your case. At this time, you need someone who is clear-headed and has experience in the field to help you with your legal decisions.

A legal team will be able to advise you on your every step during this case. Unfortunately, people end up having to sue medical practitioners all too often, as medical injuries, defects, or deaths do occur. If you believe your experience was the result of a medical practitioner neglecting their duties instead of doing their jobs and running into something that could happen to anyone. Your legal team will likely advise you to hold onto every bit of evidence and documentation that is related to the case. You have the burden of proof when it comes to showing that the medical care was neglected.

The Law Offices of Payas, Payas, and Payas can help you determine if you have a case. Only by filing can you get compensation for what has occurred. Perhaps you need it to cover the medical bills incurred or other bills from this experience. Don’t let them walk away without paying– call us to make an appointment today.