nursing-home-abuse-attorney-orlandoWhen it comes to nursing home abuse, it shouldn’t be stood for. However, many elderly people go through this type of abuse all the time. Not all nursing homes are guilty of the offense, but it does happen. People want to believe that they have placed their loved ones in quality nursing homes and they will be well taken care of, however, some just have the wrong type of staff hired and they add psychological and physiological stress to the lives of elderly people due to the abuse and neglect.

Such abuse can really take a toll on the health of your loved one. Worse, they may feel like they can’t speak up or tell anyone about what is happening. They may think that no one cares or that their claims will not be taken seriously due to their age or perhaps their health or mental state. However, if you or someone you know are experiencing this type of situation, you don’t have to stand for it, and you have legal options. Starting with a nursing home abuse attorney, find out how you can defend yourself or someone you know from this type of treatment.

Seeking legal help when it comes to nursing home abuse is the right way to go. Sometimes a sadistic nurse or attendant isn’t even the problem; neglect and abuse can come in the form of receiving the wrong dose or type of medication and having a complication from that action. Understaffing can be a common cause of this problem, as the home does not accurately provide the right amount of help for the work to be done. With more work split up among fewer people, more mistakes can occur due to stress or carelessness. This is not the fault of the person at the nursing home; it is the responsibility of the home to provide the proper staffing for their business.

Receiving the wrong medications or getting your drugs mixed up can be a disastrous situation. Medication that is not for you can not only cause an adverse reaction but it can interact negatively with the specific drugs you have been prescribed. This can mean a reaction or it could mean complications that send you to the hospital. Getting the wrong medication for their health can cause suffering and even death and should not be stood for– unintentional abuse is still abuse. If the home cannot have its act together or is cutting corners in order to pocket a larger profit, this is still abuse and a suable offense.

Many residents at nursing homes have also frequently OD’d on their medications due to the staff drug overdosing the staff as a way of inducing submission for overreacting residents. They also sometimes use unprescribed medication (antipsychotics) to subdue residents without their permission. This can cause an overdose or negative side effects that include medical and physical complications.

If you have a loved one whose mental state or health has been affected by abuse in a nursing home, contact The Law Offices of Payas, Payas, and Payas today. They will evaluate your case and see if you are able to go to court and possibly win. Don’t let the nursing homes get away with it— contact us today.