amusement-park-accident-orlando-flThe dangers of going to an amusement park may not be the first thing that you think of when you think of a day riding coasters and having fun! You may think that there’s a low chance of amusement park accidents happening, but accidents actually happen a lot more often than the general public knows. That’s not even including the ones that are not publicized or even reported by people who ride the rides. Many amusement park attractions like bumper cars or roller coasters can cause quite a bit of injury. Many people have sustained injuries to their head, their back, or their neck as well as broken bones, torn ligaments, and even cuts from rides.

So, just how common are accidents in amusement parks? Read on to find out– we’re here to help you find out and advise you on what to do if a serious accident ever occurs to you or a loved one.

Serious injuries from amusement park rides don’t happen every day, but they do occur. The trouble comes from the fact that amusement park rides can have things go wrong, and they often go very fast or have sharp strains on the body from the speed or design of the ride. Did you know that you could suffer a stroke as a result of neck ligaments sustaining large physical shock? Or that G-forces on a roller coaster and strain on the strain can even cause head injuries. You may even be able to drown as a result of being trapped in a water ride or pipe or even tumbling or falling from amusement park rides.

Accidents don’t seem that scary if you consider that the accident is the victim’s fault alone. After all, we’ve all seen news reports about the guy who jumped the fence and went to the off-limits area to grab his hat that flew off– only to be decapitated by the roller coaster coming around again or from blunt force to the head. But the facts are that you may do everything right when it comes to an amusement ride and still get hurt. Thousands of people get injured from rides every year and have to go to the emergency room for treatment. Those are the few that were lucky enough to survive and not be seriously injured.

Children account for a good amount of these injuries as well. Smaller children are more at risk for falling or for being ejected from certain rides. Whether falling out of their seat, being injured by whiplash or G-forces, or mechanical failure, children are one of the most at risk for being injured or dying at an amusement park. You must also be aware of the attendants as well, who may accidentally fasten the seat belt wrong or fail to operate the ride correctly. If this has happened to you, you may have a case that could do well in court.

Injuries and even loss of life are common at amusement parks around the world. It may not happen to you– but it might. If you or someone that you know has been injured as a result of amusement park accidents, you may be able to file suit. Consult a premises liability attorney at The Law Offices of Payas, Payas, and Payas today.