When it comes to any legal charges regarding a DUI, you’ll likely need the help of an experienced DUI attorney. An attorney who is experienced in DUI can provide valuable legal assistance when it comes to your case. You want a reputable attorney who has tons of experience in this field, especially if you’re facing possible criminal charges. Florida attorneys know how the judicial system works and have the knowledge to help your case get the best possible result. They may even have the ability to plea bargain your case so that if you do get sentenced, you get a sentence that is vastly reduced. An experienced DUI attorney will help you get a better result than you would have with no representation.

Do I Need a DUI Attorney?

experienced-dui-attorney-orlando-flYou likely need a DUI attorney if you are a repeat offender. If you’ve had trouble with the law before for driving or drinking offenses, this will great influence your hearing. It’s going to be more important for you to get an experienced attorney if you have had prior offenses or convictions. The stakes will be higher than ever before and the consequences more severe, so it’s wise to get legal representation if this is your situation.

First time DUI offenders may not know how to navigate their trial. That’s why you need a professional that knows this area of the law inside and out. You can hope that you’ll get let off easy, but the truth is that hiring representation shows that you are taking the situation lightly. Representing yourself in a court of law is not advisable. An attorney knows these cases, they know the judges, and they know how to handle each case. Even if it’s your first time, you should consider hiring an attorney who knows what they are doing. A lawyer will know how to handle your case and will give you the right legal counsel to help you lessen your sentence and avoid getting as severe a sentence as you normally would have.

First DUI offenders may be able to get a reduced sentence or even a great plea bargain for you. If there were no injuries and it was your first run in with the law, the judge may go easier on you, especially if you have good legal representation. A professional attorney will be able to help you decide how you want to present your case. Most states have sentence bargaining, which can be helpful for more serious cases where you are a repeat offender or your driving while under intoxication lead to the death or injury of another or several other individuals. In these cases, pleading guilty could mean a lengthy sentence and stay in jail.

Getting legal counsel is always the right decision, especially if you are coming into the court system. It’s always better to hire an attorney and go in prepared than it is to go in and hope for the best. A lawyer on your side will be able to navigate the waters of your DWI or DUI case and help you to get the least damaging result possible. Get an initial consultation today and you will be able to see how a lawyer can help you. You’ll be able to see whether you think the attorney can handle your case and whether they will be right for you. If you’ve been involved in a DUI, contact The Law Offices of Payas, Payas, and Payas today.