experienced-wronful-death-attorney-orlandoMany who have lost a loved one due to a wrongful death accident wonder if hiring a lawyer is necessary. Of course, a law firm will always tell you that hiring a lawyer is in your best interest. As always, dealing with the death of a loved one in any circumstance is difficult. When you add legal concerns, it can become overwhelming. Someone will say that the farther along you go in the process of attempting to receive compensation, the more complicated it can become. Although nothing will bring your loved one back to life, holding the entity accountable for their wrongful action can provide some solace.
There are many factors that can lead to a wrongful death. Probably the most common are motor vehicle accidents. Drivers have a responsibility to operate their cars in a proper manner, such that other drivers are safeguarded against death or injury by negligent driving maneuvers.

Medical malpractice is another common cause of wrongful death. Health care professionals and medical doctors have a duty to provide care and treatment in accordance with acceptable standards of practice. That said, medical malpractice happens when a health care person fails to deliver appropriate medical care to a patient who consequently dies. The patient’s family members can bring wrongful death claims against nurses, doctors and even complete hospitals who are responsible for the negligent care that led to the death of the patient.

Workplace accidents are also a common reason for wrongful deaths. The law sets standards that employers must meet to ensure employee safety. Mines, logging sites and construction sites are in many cases associated with employee wrongful deaths. Metal workers, electrical employees, truck drivers and some others are considered high-risk careers for work-related deaths.

Regardless of the cause, a wrongful death lawsuit should be expertly handled to avoid causing additional pain to the surviving family. Even though no amount of money can ever truly compensate for the loss of a loved one, wrongful death lawsuits do provide a sense of closure that many surviving families find helpful in their recovery process.

Even more, there’s a limited amount of time after the death of a family member to file a wrongful death claim. The statute of limitatoins varies in length. Either way, to make sure you do not miss your opportunity to file your claim, consult your lawyer as soon as possible.

A person who commits a criminal act, which causes the wrongful death, is subject to both criminal and civil law proceedings. The person doesn’t have to be convicted in criminal court proceedings before a civil wrongful death lawsuit can be commenced.

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